Open Up! Opportunity Is Knocking!

As you may know from previous posts, I’m a huge fan of Dennis Becker and have been going to his E1KAD Seminars for the past 3 years. I’m also a long time member of his Facebook Group, The IM Inside Track. What makes Dennis’ groups and seminars so magnificent is the sheer number of big […]


Getting Closer ..


30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 22 8 days ’til my mother in law comes to visit. My office is almost cleared out, probably another 4-5 hours of steady work there. Then we’re getting some bedroom furniture for the room on Sunday. Whew. Good things are happening! Mom’s impending visit jump-started some long overdue changes: […]


Tough Box


30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 21 I made a commitment to write for 30 days .. and it was intended to be 30 consecutive days. However, as you can see, I took a few days off. So to finish off the challenge I’m going to continue writing for the next 10 days and get […]


USWNT Win The World Cup!


30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 20 The USWNT are the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup Champions! The Team USA beat Japan 5-2 in what was the highest scoring Women’s Final ever. Wow, what a game! That’s what I did today. Set myself up to watch the entire pregame, final match and the awards ceremonies […]


Happy Independence Day!


30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 19 One thing I’ve noticed over these past 19 days is that my schedule really doesn’t lend itself to creating any kind of sustainable business habit. To elaborate, I still have a full-time job. I work the midnight shift, on a two week rotating schedule. Hours are usually from […]


Preparing For The Sugar Solution


30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 18 I didn’t get as much done today as I had hoped. I was just too tired from working last night and having to go in two hours earlier tonight to cover the holiday schedule. At least with 12 hr shifts I can usually get plenty of work done […]


Lifestyle Changes Are Imminent


30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 17 Okay, today I finished going through the TeeProfitsPro video tutorials and updating the website scripts. Next thing on the To Do List is to recreate all the tee shirt campaigns I lost when TeeProfitsPro moved from wordpress to the new platform. Oh well. Once I have the sites […]


TeeProfitsPro And The Women’s World Cup


30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 16 Today was all about getting through the training videos for TeeProfitsPro. Since deciding a few days back to concentrate on the activities which will help increase my cash flow, my focus has been better and I’ve been staying on track. Three more videos to go and I’ll be […]


Halfway There


30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 15 Halfway there! Woohoo! 15 days and except for maybe pushing the lateness of my posts a bit, I’ve kept on track. The whole reason for doing this challenge is to train myself to write. Write something, anything, every day so I learn to take the time from my […]


Going Forward


30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 14 Continuing the thread from yesterday’s post, here are a couple of things I’m moving to the forefront of my online business ventures: 1. Tee Shirts – I’m using the truly phenomenal tee platform called TeeProfitsPro3.0. TeeProfitsPro is what TeeSpring wishes it could be when it grows up. Seriously. […]