Tough Box

30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 21

I made a commitment to write for 30 days .. and it was intended to be 30 consecutive days. However, as you can see, I took a few days off. So to finish off the challenge I’m going to continue writing for the next 10 days and get myself back on track and complete my (slightly modified) commitment.


Happy Independence Day!

30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 19

One thing I’ve noticed over these past 19 days is that my schedule really doesn’t lend itself to creating any kind of sustainable business habit. To elaborate, I still have a full-time job. I work the midnight shift, on a two week rotating schedule. Hours are usually from 8pm to 6am, sometimes from 6pm – 6am. My typical rotation looks like this:


Lifestyle Changes Are Imminent

30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 17

Okay, today I finished going through the TeeProfitsPro video tutorials and updating the website scripts. Next thing on the To Do List is to recreate all the tee shirt campaigns I lost when TeeProfitsPro moved from wordpress to the new platform. Oh well. Once I have the sites and stores set up, I’ll start creating Facebook Retargeting Pixels for all the new campaigns.My goal is to have at least three campaigns up and running before Sunday.


Halfway There

30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 15

Halfway there! Woohoo! 15 days and except for maybe pushing the lateness of my posts a bit, I’ve kept on track. The whole reason for doing this challenge is to train myself to write. Write something, anything, every day so I learn to take the time from my oh-so-busy schedule and consciously think about what I want to say. It’s an interesting thing really. Most of my entries here have been short and sweet. Some quite personal. Some where I’m explaining business things I’m doing and why. It’s all good.


Going Forward

30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 14

Continuing the thread from yesterday’s post, here are a couple of things I’m moving to the forefront of my online business ventures:
1. Tee Shirts – I’m using the truly phenomenal tee platform called TeeProfitsPro3.0. TeeProfitsPro is what TeeSpring wishes it could be when it grows up. Seriously. Think I’m kidding? Check it out for yourself:

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